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Goostrey Tennis Club

Photo Gallery

2009 South & Mid-Cheshire Tennis League Presentation


South & Mid Chesire President, Viv Gorst presents Claire Fox, Goostrey TC Mixed Doubles Captain with the 2009 Third Division Winners Shield.

2013 Presentation Evening

Jay Ashall, Chairman of the Goostrey Village Hall and Playing Fields Foundation presents Goostrey Open winners trophies to (clockwise from left)  Mark Fox & Willie Dudgeon - Mens Doubles; Jason Lynch Mens Singles;  Dominic Gibbs - Junior Boys Singles; Anna Wilkinson and Sue Kemsley - Ladies Doubles; Mark Fox & Claire Fox - Mixed Doubles.

2014 Presentation Evening

Former Regional Councillor Bill Owen, presents 2014 Goostrey Open winners trophies to (clockwise from the left) Tom Nelson & Josh Mitchell - Boys Doubles Runners-up; Claire Fox & Mark Fox - Mixed Doubles; Yvonne Gandy & Anna Wilkinson - Ladies Doubles; ; Mike Saxton & Richard Saxton - Mens Doubles;  and Goostrey Winter Mixed Doubles winner trophies to Sophie Fox & Mark Fox - Knock-out Trophy; Willie Dudgeon & Yvonne Gandy - Winter League Trophy; The Goostrey Tennis Club presentation evening 2014 gathering; and Joyce Nolan and Cyril Caulkin - Knock-out Plate Trophy.


Tennis Family Fun Days

Yvonne Gandy leads a Tennis Family Day at Boothbed Lane for members and families of the Goostrey Village Hall & playing Fields Foundation.

Perfect weather, perfect setting, perfect way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.


(30.05.2015 - Photographs courtesy of Jay Ashall).

American Tournamnent July 2015.

Above  centre - the finalist from l to r Jason Lynch, Mark Fox, Sophie Fox and Joyce Nolan

Clockwise from top left - The team; all court action; Sophie Fox; Our turn next (Tracy Johnson, Claire Fox & Barbara Baxter); Jason Lynch serving; Sheila Howell and Heather Ashall; The Final; Mark Fox in action; Joyce Nolan returns serve.   

Goostrey Open Tennis Finals 2015.


Left:  Seb Paisley (green shirt) winner and Luke Brierley runner-up in the Boys Singles Final.


Right:  Ladies Singles Champion Claire Fox (l) with her opponent in the final Sue Kemsley.



Left:  Mixed Doubles winners Claire and Mark Fox.







Right:  Mixed Doubles runners-up Martin

  Leake and Jo Clapp.



Left: Mens Doubles Runners-up Steve Pilkington & Jason Lynch and Winners Mike Saxton & Richard Saxton. 






Right:  Mens Singles finalists Mike & Richard Saxton.



Left:  Mens Singles Champion Richard Saxton.












Right: Queen of Goostrey Tennis, Claire Fox, winner of the Ladies Singles, Ladies Doubles (with daughter Sophie) and Mixed Doubles (with husband Mark). 




Left: Ladies Doubles Finalists - Claire Fox, Sophie Fox, Chris Bones & mary Leake.



Right:  Ladies Doubles winners - Sophie Fox & Claire Fox.

August's American Tournament

Left:  Winners of the July American Tournament - Kevin Few and Claire Fox.

Right - A well turned out crew for July's American Tournament.

September's American Tournament

Above - The "man in black" tries to get his hands on Barbara Baxter's winner's prize in the September '15 American Tournament, surrounded by the Goostrey Tennis Club members -

shame on you Lee Dooley! 

Right - Winners Mark Fox and Barbara Baxter.   

2015 Presentation Evening 


Top Row:  Claire Fox receives the Goostrey Open Ladies Singles Trophy from Janet Ollier.  Mark and Claire Fox, winners of the Goostrey OPen Mixed Doubles with Janet & Bill Ollier.

Second Row: Richard Saxton winner of the Mens Singles.  Sophie & Claire Fox winners of the Ladies Doubles.

Third Row: Mike & Richard Saxton winners of the Mens Doubles.  Luke Brierley (Runner-up), Bill Ollier and Junior Champion Seb Paisley.

Fourth Row:  Yvonne Gandy receives a token of the Club's appreciation for her organisation of the Summer Family Tennis Days.  Sue Kemsley & Richard Saxton winners of the Winter Floodlit Mixed Doubles Gold League.  Bill Ollier adresses the Goostrey Members,

Fifth Row:  Willie Dudgeon & Sophie Fox winners of the Winter Floodlit Mixed Doubles Silver League.  Sheila Howell & Mark Fox Winter Floodlit Mixed Doubles Plate Winners.  

Sixth Row:  Dave Nolan & Yvonne Gandy winners of the Winter Floodlit Mixed Doubles KO Trophy winners. 

Seventh Row:  The Presentation Evening gathering .

Boothbed Lane Courts back in action.

The Before & After - The problems experienced after the horrendous rainfall in the autumn resulted in the tennis courts at Boothbed Lane Goostrey being closed as a safety measure.  The photographs below illustrate the problems necessitating the closure and the work undertaken to bring the facilities back into action.  

Goostrey Open Tennis Finals 2016.


Left:  Richard & Mike Saxton (winners of the Men's Doubles Title) 






Right:  Mens Doubles  Finalists, Richard Richard & Mike Saxton with Luke and Andrew Brierley.



Left:  Mixed Doubles Finalists Mark Fox, Claire Fox, Samantha Jones and Richard Saxton.







Right:  Mixed Doubles winners Samantha Jones and Richard Saxton





Left: Mens Singles Champion  Richard Saxton.

Right: Ladies Doubles finalists l to r:

Yvonne Gandy, Emily Stanley, Heather Ashall & Liz Cotton. 

Right: 2016 Boys Singles Champion Luke Brierley. 


Left: Ladies Doubles winners  Yvonne Gandy and  Emily Stanley.



Left:  The three boys, who participated in a round-robin competition for the 2016 Goostrey Boys Open Championships -    Stephen Tomkinson, Will Shaw and Luke Brierley.

American Tournament -

October 2016

Left: Winners Joyce Nolan & Kevin Few


Top: Luke Brierley & Debs Hinson in action


Top Right: Umpire David Nolan


Bottom Right: There's always time for tea!  Tessa Solley & Heather Ashall. 

Junior Coaching

Coach David Richardson with a group of the students from the Junior Coaching Programme.

Presentation Evening 1.03.17

Top left:  Andrew Caulkin presents the Goostrey Open Mixed Doubles Trophy to winners Samantha Jones and Richard Saxton.

Centre:  Andrew Caulkin presents the Goostrey Open Ladies Doubles Trophy to winner Emily Stanley (her partner - Yvonne Gandy - was unable to attend).

Top Right:  Andrew Caulkin presents the Goostrey Open Mens Doubles Trophy to winners Richard and Mike Saxton.

Bottom right: Andrew Caulkin presents the Zena Lloyd Cup to Luke Brierley, the Winner of the Junior Boys Singles.

Bottom left: Andrew Caulkin presents the Goostrey Open Mens Singles Trophy to winner Richard Saxton. 

Goostrey Open Finalists 2017.

Top Left: (L to R) Mixed Doubles Finalists Lindsey Saxton, Mark Fox, Claire Fox & Mike Saxton.   

Top Right: (L to R) Boys U/14 Singles Finalists Sam Rosser (Runner Up) and Freddy Lloyd (Winner).  

Bottom Left: (Lto R) Boys U/14 Singles - Luke Warburton (3rd) and James Nelson (4th).  

Bottom Right: Boys U/12 Singles - (L to R) Hugo Rosser, Charles Lloyd, Zach Bennett (winner) and Sam Upton.

Presentation Evening 21.03.2018

Trophies presented by Jill Brown & Ray Brown

Presided by Chairman

Willie Dudgeon


Ladies Doubles

Claire Fox & Debbie Lawrence


Mens Doubles

Richard Saxton & Mike Saxton


Mens Single

Jason Lynch


Mixed Doubles

Claire Fox &

Mark Fox


Junior U/16

Freddy Lloyd

Winner Junior U12 Zach Bennett

Winners of American Tournament


Luke Brierely

Chris Bones


Presentation Evening 06.03.2018

Trophies presented by Christine Burgess

Presided by Chairman

James Hinds


Junior U/16

Freddy lloyd

Winner Junior U12 Zach B



Mens Doubles

Richard Saxton & Mike Saxton


Mens Single

Richard Saxton


Ladies Doubles

Claire Fox & Debbie Lawrence


Mixed Doubles

Claire Fox &

Mark Fox

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